Great new running and health products- A Review!


From time to time, health and fitness companies send me products to demo, review, giveaway etc.

Sometimes, these products are GREAT and some are a miss. But below are some items that I HIGHLY recommend to my readers and clients!

Here we go!!
1. Jabra Elite Earbuds.
These ear buds have a lot of features I love!
– heart rate (how cool is that?)
– volume.. you can adjust volume with two small buttons that are on the ear bud in your ear
– multiple attachments so you can custom fit your ear buds to YOUR ears
– battery that delivers 4.5 hours of play time, coupled with a portable charging case you have a total 13.5 hours of power at your disposal.
– With just the touch of a button you can be more aware of your surroundings with hear through, which conveniently filters in the sounds that surround you.
– comes with a free app so you can download all your workouts.

LOVE these! The sound quality is amazing.


2. GFB Bites

LOVE these little nuggets. I have some food allergies so I love the dark chocolate peanut butter ones. Each nugget is 50 kcals and has 5 grams of fat, 12 carbs, 4 g protein and 2 g fiber. I have 2-3 in the afternoon to fill be up before dinner.

3. Eat Enlightened Broad Beans
This company has a lot of great products but the broad beans are the best! I have never received so many compliments from a giveaway when I handed these to my runners the past 6 weeks post-run. They have a lot of different flavors and are so healthy! Highly recommend as do all of my runners!


Kelly Devine Rickert
Registered Dietitian
Devine Nutrition Owner
Run to the Pub Run Club, Director

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