Let’s Stop all the “Diet” Nonsense Shall We? What YOU should be focusing on in 2018!

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Everyone, put down your latest fad diet handbook and listen to this RD for a few minutes.
In the past few years as more and more social media sites have turned to displaying ads as we scroll through our feeds and as more (women mostly) become involved in multi-level marketing businesses, I have seen a trend. More fat diets and more misinformation on nutrition out there for public consumption.
Now fad diets are not a new thing. We have cycled through the years from low/no fat to no carbs to no meat to no gluten to no dairy to no this that and the other thing.
But It’s. Gotten. Way. Outta. Hand. In a country where more than 35% of adults are obese (BMI is 30 or over, calculate yours here) and 30% are overweight*, while spending upwards of     60 BILLION dollars** in attempts to lose weight, we are at our unhealthiest. Eighty-six percent of all health care spending covers people with chronic medical conditions,(most of which stems from BMI, diet and exercise) while the direct medical costs for chronic diseases and conditions exceed $750 billion annually. Half of these chronic diseases could be preventable, at least.***
So let’s sum it up.
• US is overweight and obese (2/3rd our population) (with teens, kids and toddlers obesity rates rising as well)
• We spend 60 billion dollars on products, books, plans, equipment to help us lose weight.
• We are unhealthy. We spend upwards of 750 billion on diseases that could be improved, prevented or controlled through proper diet and exercise.
So the question becomes… Why isn’t all the pills and diets working??? (Will tackle the whole why doesn’t our insurance cover exercise and nutrition as a preventable benefit as opposed to always covering medications, dialysis surgery, and rehab some other time).

My hypothesis.
No one is making life long changes to their diet.
Below some examples of real life things I see and have heard. Not posting these things to belittle or say that what they are doing is wrong. We are all human. (Me too!) But take into account all of these examples as a whole. What do you see?
– Woman goes on a juice cleanse through church for 5 days. First meal after? McDonalds value meal.
– Mom drinks shakes for 2 meals a day and salads for dinner, feeds kids chicken nuggets or hotdog and fries every night.
– A woman cuts out meat from her diet and food journal is filled with refined carbohydrates all day.
– Mom cut dairy out of her kid’s diets and calcium intake plummets.
– Person with history of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease gets told by a friend that their meds are causing their kidney failure. Goes off meds. Blood pressure now 200/100.
What’s missing?? The education. Some of those things people are doing can have some benefit (possibly) if done in the correct way.

No one is learning how to
– Cook
– Plan meals and snacks
– Shop
– Read food labels
– Dispel food myths
– Pair foods together
Everyone can follow a specific food plan in the short term. And often times yes it does get results.
You go gluten free and cut out (fast foods, breads, pizzas, chips, crackers, candy) and you lose weight? Shocking! You go on a keto diet and stick to a strict plan with portion sizes and exercise 5 days a week and you lose weight? Well, I sure hope you would! But then once that 6 week, month, or 3 month challenge is over? What happens? You go on vacation and you binge eat everything you couldn’t for the past 3 months and gain 11 pounds back right away? You drink a shake for breakfast and lunch every day and now you go back to what you used to eat and you wonder why you are gaining weight?
The problem is that it’s always just about weight loss. We do whatever we can to lose it. But the funny thing about weight loss is…. You have to keep doing it to maintain or continue losing. Or you will just be back in the same spot again. So now what?
Let’s shift our thinking. What if every food and drink we put in our bodies, was not to lose weight, but for us to feel better and be healthier? What if your goal was to make sure you prevented or controlled your chronic illness? I think if our thinking shifted from “lets lose weight as fast as we can” to “eating for long term health and wellness”, we would start to make small changes stick.
Instead of eating fast food for breakfast, lunch and meals, we shop once a week. Plan out our dinners. Bring our lunch to work. Drink water instead of pop, energy drinks, and juice. We walk more places and enjoy fresh air. We go for family walks in the evenings instead of staring at the TV. We offer our kids yogurt, string cheese, apples, carrots instead of chips and pop. Instead of ice cream and cookies every night, eating some fruit and saving the desserts for once a week. Instead of large portions, we cut back a little. Even doing these small things, would amount to weight loss and changes in your blood pressure, lipids, blood sugars, waist line, energy levels and more.

So help me stop the madness!
Let 2018 be the year where we take control of our health and wellness!!!
1. Educate yourself on nutrition. Meet with a RD, check out https://www.choosemyplate.gov/, a great website to guide you and your family in making healthy food choices.
2. Know that there is not a one size fits all approach to diet, weight loss and health. It can be very individualized. What works for some may not work for others.
3. Stop sharing bogus fitness, food, and diet tips and stories on social media. Fact check first. Message me the article and I can do for you!
4. Know your numbers! Get your blood pressure, blood counts, lipid and glucose levels checked yearly.

Happy New Year~ May 2018 bring energy, healthy foods and happiness to your home!


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