10 Week REFINE Program! Next program coming this fall!

refine 2017

How it Works:

REFINE® This is an exclusive online nutrition and lifestyle coaching program. Personal, private, and completely confidential. This 10 week program will be that little secret ingredient you’re going to use to refine your health, habits, and everyday performance. Every year you probably make a resolution to start another “diet” to reach those goals you are always talking about. Well, when you commit to my REFINE program you will not be going on another diet…but you WILL be TRANSFORMING yourself, into your BEST self. Program details: • 10 week program – we start 1/18/16 and work together through 3/29/16!

• Daily fitness, nutrition, and inspirational tips sent straight to your inbox!

• Weekly teleseminar that includes educational and inspirational topics and tips as well as answering any questions that were submitted during the week. If you cannot attend the weekly call you will be sent the recording.

• Two personal phone meetings that includes meal plan guidance and nutrition coaching.

• Email support with a weekly food and exercise journal review.

• Quick and easy recipes.

• Menu plan to jump start your weight loss plan

All the ingredients you need to REFINE® yourself, your habits, and your health in 2017 All you need to do is show up and do a little bit of work every day. This is not a diet. This is a lifestyle program that requires you to wake up every morning and know you are worth this. This is a program that is about feeding your mind with positive thoughts, feeding your body   with healthy foods and movement, and finding someone else to feed along the way. If you’ve ever worked with me before, you know the passion behind my work comes not from giving you diets and telling you everything you cannot eat but instead empowering you with all you can do. I believe in you. I believe when you feed yourself with healthy thoughts and food on the inside you’re going to live better on the outside. You will be a healthier, happier, and a more  productive husband, wife, father, mother, employee, employer, grandmother, grandfather, friend, daughter, brother, sister, whatever your role is in this life – if you take care of yourself on the inside, you’re just going to perform better on the outside.

This program will ask you every day to:

• Feed your mind with positive thoughts

• Feed your body exercise and real food

• Feed someone else in your life with positive words and through your actions.


Email me at devinenutrition@hotmail.com to register!

8 Week Run to Lose Weight Loss Class

Are you interested in losing weight before racing season AND learning more about nutrition? Join the all new 8 week online weight loss program!
What you receive:
• Food journal reviews every 2 weeks
• Self-reported weigh-in’s every Thursday morning
• Weekly emails
• Personalized meal plan
• Snack and shopping list
The Run to Lose Program costs $95 for 8 weeks. (Early bird pricing will cost $80)
Class begins Monday April 17th

To register: https://campscui.active.com/orgs/DevineNutrition

5 Reasons Why I Like The Devine Nutrition Weight Loss Classes- testimonial!

1. Kelly does not get mad or yell at you ever. Even if you don’t lose weight that week, she continues to encourage you!

2. The program makes you think! It made me think about how often I eat, when I eat, why I am eating, and what I was eating. Then I was able see for myself where I was doing well and where I needed to improve.

3. The program is personalized for ME. Kelly was able to tell me what types of foods I was eating that were hindering my weight loss, when I should be eating more, and what types of exercises I should be doing.

4. I learned things! I formed habits during the program that I continue to practice and now find important.

5. Kelly sends you ideas to keep you going. Through email you will get snack and meal recipes, a suggested grocery list, and different exercises to fit in anyone’s schedule.

Run Walk 2017 Challenge Rules:

Register here to officially join the challenge http://eepurl.com/cvQf3f
You can register as an individual OR as a team (all team members need to register and click team).

Choose your goal distance:
1,000 miles OR 2,017 miles.
(These are exercise miles ONLY, not daily fitbit miles)
The team needs to hit their goal together by 12/31/17.
(I.e. Your team of 3 is shooting for 2,017 miles. Person 1 does 800 miles, person 2 does 1,017 and person 3 does 200 miles).
It’s time to start moving! Log your miles in your favorite app. Total each month and post on our Facebook group page here! Stay tuned each month for more challenges and support! Prizes will be raffled off periodically. The only way to enter the raffles is to post your monthly mileage totals! More info and tools coming soon!
At the end of the year, you can purchase a 1,000 mile medal or 2,017 mile medal for 2017.
Looking forward to seeing everyone hit their goals in 2017!

Join the group support page on Facebook here:

Read up on two of our class graduates success story here!


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